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Download HTC Smart Tool For windows all Versions Free Download

HTC Smart Tool

HTC Smart Tool is a desktop tool for HTC smartphones and tablets, created by the developer Habeeb Kambrath, HTC Smart Tool allows you with one click:

  1. Connected your HTC Device to ADB
  2. S-ON
  3. Reboot your HTC To Fastboot Mode
  4. Write Super CID
  5. Read Fastboot Mode Info
  6. Reboot your HTC to Bootloader Mode
  7. Reading and Flashing Unlock Token
  8. Reboot your HTC to Download Mode
  9. Submit Your Token
  10. Reboot RUU
  11. Flash Unlock Token
  12. Reboot your HTC to Normal Mode
  13. Flash Custom Recovery
  14. Flash Stock Recovery
  15. Reboot your HTC to Fastboot(Non-ADB)
  16. ZIP File Flashing
  17. HTC CID List
  18. Unlock & Relock Bootloader
  19. How to Download Correct Firmware
  20. Factory Reset your HTC
  21. How to Flash hTC devices

HTC Smart Tool

All HTC mobile phones supported: One X10, U Ultra, U Play, 10 evo, Desire 650, Desire 10 Pro, Desire 10 Compact, Desire 10 Lifestyle, One A9s, Desire 728 Ultra, Desire 628, One M9 Prime Camera, Desire 830, One S9, 10 Lifestyle, 10, Desire 825, Desire 630, Desire 530, Desire 625, One X9, One M9s, Desire 828 dual sim, Desire 728 dual sim, One E9s dual sim, Butterfly 3, One A9, One M9+ Supreme Camera, Desire 626 (USA), Desire 626s, Desire 526, Desire 520, One ME, Desire 820G+ dual sim, Desire 326G dual sim, One M9+, One M8s, One E9+, One E9, One M9, Desire 820s dual sim, Desire 626G+, Desire 626, Desire 526G+ dual sim, Desire 826 dual sim, Desire 320, Desire 620G dual sim, Desire 620, Nexus 9, Desire 816G dual sim, One (M8 Eye), Desire Eye, Desire 612, Desire 820q dual sim, Desire 820 dual sim, Desire 820, One (E8) CDMA, Desire 510, Butterfly 2, One Remix, One (M8) dual sim, Desire 516 dual sim, One (E8), One mini 2, Desire 616 dual sim, Desire 210 dual sim, One (M8) CDMA, One (M8), Desire 310 dual sim, Desire 310, Desire 816 dual sim, Desire P, Desire Q, 8XT, Butterfly S, Desire 200, Desire 600 dual sim, First, One Dual Sim, One, Desire U, Desire 400 dual sim, Butterfly, DROID DNA, One SV CDMA, One SV, Desire SV, One VX, One X+, One ST, One SC, Desire X, Desire VT, Desire XC, Desire VC…

Download HTC Smart Tool For windows

Download HTC Smart Tool for Windows:

HTC Smart Tool

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