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Download SPD Flash Tool All Versions – Android MTK Upgrade Tool

SPD Flash Tool

SPD Flash tool is also known as SpreadTrum flash tool is a desktop tool for flashing PAC/ P5C firmware files, the tool allows you to flash stock firmware on all Android smartphones and tablets with SPD CPU. You can Downgrade or Upgrade your SPD Mobile in Few seconds. Just add the PAC/ P5C firmware and click Start Download to start flashing the Android smartphones and tablets. SPD Flash tool allows also Flash Custom Recovery based on the IMG file.

SPD tool is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows  8.1, and Windows 10).

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Download SPD Flash Tool For Windows (All Versions)

SPD Flash Tool_R21.0.0001 – Latest Version Download or Download
SPD Flash Tool_R19.0.0001 HERE or HERE
SPD Flash Tool_R17.0.0001 HERE or HERE
SPD_R4.0.0001 HERE or HERE
SPD_R3.0.0001 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.9015 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.9009 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.9008 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.9001 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.7008 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.7007 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.7006 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.7003 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.7001 HERE or HERE
SPD_R2.9.6004 HERE or HERE

How to use SpreadTrum flash tool

1- Turn off your Android device and connect it to your computer via USB cable

2- Run SpreadTrum flash tool:

SPD Flash Tool

2- Click on Load Packet, find and locate the download .pac File firmware and press Open.

3- Click on Star Downloading and the flash process automatically starts

4- The flashing process might take some time to complete.you will see Green Passed message, your device will restart automatically.

5- Congratulation! you have successfully Update your Android mobile to the new firmware.

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