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How to Repair Qualcomm IMEI via Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool

Write IMEI Tool

Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool is a very useful tool developed by Uniscope for Windows. that allows us to Repair & fix IMEI on any of the Qualcomm smartphones or tablets. And helping us to change & repair the IMEI numbers, MEID or ESN, Bluetooth Address and WLAN Address of the Qualcomm smartphone devices.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is the 15 unique identification number required to register the device with the service provider to activate SMS, Calls, Data, and other services, You can check your device IMEI code by pressing *#06#.

Qualcomm Smartphone Write IMEI Tools supports: Qualcomm MSM8916, Qualcomm MSM8909, Qualcomm MSM8939, Qualcomm MSM8209, Qualcomm MSM8592.

Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

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Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand. you will need:

How to Write IMEI via Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool

Remember: This tool only supports Qualcomm chipset so you can only write IMEI of Qualcomm android smartphones and tablets

1- Extract Qualcomm-smartphone-write-IMEI-tools-v1.01.zip package on your PC.

2- Launch the application by Click on Qualcomm_Smartphone_Write_IMEI.exe

3- Select settings. It will demand a password: ustest

4- Type the password ustest & click on OK.

Qualcomm Write IMEI Tool

5- Now select IMEI1 (If you have a dual SIM device then select IMEI 2 also Unmark IMEI2 Same as IMEI1)

6- Type your IMEI number.

7- Restart your Qualcomm device & connect it to PC via USB cable.

8- Click on WRITE1 & The IMEI writing automatically starts.

9- A PASS Green box appears on the screen When IMEI writing complete

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