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ROOT your Android Device in one-click Via iRoot Android tool


iRoot is a Free tool released by the Magyun team that helps you Safely Root your Android Device with Computer in a single click without loosing data and personal files. iRoot Supports more than 100000 Android smartphones and tablets running on Android 2.2 Froyo to Android 5.0 Lollipop.

If you want to Install and use ROOT apps, remove pre-installed apps, or Remove unnecessary advertisements, from your Android device, iRoot is the best tool to root your device easily and safely without any problem. iRoot is compatible with all the versions of the Windows operating system (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10).

Warning: This operation involves risks. frptool cannot be held responsible for any problems with your Android Device. If you do not follow the procedure correctly.

Devices Supported:

Samsung Samsung G3139 (Galaxy ACE4), Samsung G9198, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy J5, Samsung Galaxy A8, Samsung N9200 (Galaxy Note 5), Samsung G9280 (Galaxy S6 edge+), Samsung Galaxy SIII (T999|T-Mobile), Samsung Galaxy SIII (I747|ATT), Samsung Galaxy S4 (M919|T-Mobile), Samsung Galaxy S5 (G900R4|US Cellular), Samsung I8730 (Galaxy Express), Samsung Galaxy SIII (R530U|US Cellular), Samsung R970 (Galaxy S4|US Cellular), Samsung I9300i (Galaxy SIII Neo+), Samsung G7200 (Galaxy Grand Max), Samsung G9208 (Glaxy S6), Samsung N9150 (Galaxy Note Edge), Samsung G900I (Galaxy S5), Samsung G5309W (Galaxy Grand Prime ), Samsung G3608 (Galaxy Core Prime), Samsung G5108 (Galaxy Core Max), Samsung E7009 (Galaxy E7), Samsung E7000 (Galaxy E7|DUAL 4G), Samsung G9250 (Galaxy S6 Edge), Samsung G9200 (Glaxy S6), Samsung Galaxy A7(A7009), Samsung G5306W (Galaxy Grand Prime), Samsung G5308W (Galaxy Grand Prime), Samsung N9100 (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N9007 (Galaxy Note 3 TD-LTE), Samsung I9235 (Galaxy Golden), Samsung I9168 (Galaxy Grand Neo+), Samsung I9158V (Galaxy Mega Plus 4G), Samsung Galaxy A7(A7000), Samsung Galaxy A5(A5009), Samsung Galaxy A3(A3009), Samsung G7509 (Galaxy Mega2), Samsung G5109 (Galaxy Core Max), Samsung N9106W (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N910U (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung G9092, Samsung G730A (Galaxy SIII Mini), Samsung G7105 (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung G3815 (Galaxy Express 2), Samsung Galaxy A5(A5000), Samsung Galaxy A3(A3000), Samsung P6200 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus), Samsung I9205 (Galaxy Mega 6.3), Samsung T989 (Hercules|T-Mobile), Samsung P6800 (Galaxy Tab), Samsung M250S|L|K(Galaxy SII), Samsung W789, Samsung S6108 (Galaxy Y POP), Samsung N900D (Galaxy Note 3|SC-01F), Samsung T210 (Galaxy Tab3 7.0), Samsung C105 (Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE), Samsung I9158P (Galaxy Mega 5.8), Samsung I8260 (Galaxy Core), Samsung S5578 (Galaxy Mini), Samsung G3508J (Galaxy Trand 3), Samsung I659 (Galaxy Ace Plus), Samsung I9506 (Galaxy S4 LTE), Samsung S7582 (Galaxy S Duos 2), Samsung Galaxy S4 (I337|ATT), Samsung R950 (Galaxy Note II|US Cellular), Samsung L900 (Galaxy Note II|Sprint), Samsung G900P (Galaxy S5|Sprint), Samsung I925 (Galaxy Note 10.1|Verizon), Samsung N900P (Galaxy Note 3|Sprint), Samsung I727 (Galaxy SII Skyrocket), Samsung I579 (Galaxy Ace), Samsung G900V (Galaxy S5), Samsung I8550L (Galaxy Win), Samsung S7262 (Galaxy Star Pro), Samsung Galaxy S4 (L720|Sprint), Samsung S7272C (Galaxy Ace 3), Samsung B9388, Samsung N8010 (Galaxy Note 10.1), Samsung I9088 (Galaxy S), Samsung N900S|L|K (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung S6102E, Samsung G7508Q (Galaxy Mega 2), Samsung I9295 (Galaxy S4 Active), Samsung C1116 (Galaxy K Zoom), Samsung I9508V (Galaxy S4), Samsung G9009W (Galaxy S5), Samsung N075T (SC-02F|Galaxy J), Samsung S7278U (Galaxy Ace 3), Samsung I9082C (Galaxy Grand Neo+), Samsung G7102 (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung P601 (Galaxy Note 10.1), Samsung P1000 (Galaxy Tab), Samsung G7109 (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung I9128E (Galaxy Grand), Samsung B9062, Samsung N910F (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N910H (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N9108V (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N9109V (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung N7506V (Galaxy Note 3 Lite), Samsung N7508V (Galaxy Note 3 Lite), Samsung G3589W (Galaxy Core Lite), Samsung N7509V (Galaxy Note 3 Lite), Samsung G9006W (Galaxy S5), Samsung G7108V (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung E160l (Galaxy Note), Samsung N9106V (Galaxy Note 4), Samsung I8530 (Galaxy Beam), Samsung N7005 (Galaxy Note LTE), Samsung I919U (Galaxy S Duos), Samsung P729 (Galaxy Mega 6.3), Samsung N900V (Galaxy Note 3|Verizon), Samsung G3509I (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung I545 (Galaxy S4), Samsung G8508S (Galaxy Alpha), Samsung W2014, Samsung G8509V (Galaxy Alpha), Samsung V700 (Galaxy Gear), Samsung G9008W (Galaxy S5), Samsung N7108D (Galaxy Note II), Samsung I629, Samsung I9168I (Galaxy Grand Neo+), Samsung G9098, Samsung G3518 (Galaxy Core 4G), Samsung G3568V (Galaxy Core Mini 4G), Samsung G900S (Galaxy S5), Samsung C1158 (Galaxy K Zoom), Samsung I9507V (Galaxy S4), Samsung B9120 (S II), Samsung S7278 (Galaxy Ace 3), Samsung I679 (Galaxy Ace 3), Samsung S5690 (Galaxy Xcover), Samsung I939I (Galaxy SIII Neo+), Samsung S6358 (Galaxy Ace Dear), Samsung S5838 (Galaxy Ace), Samsung N5100 (Galaxy Note 8.0), Samsung E110S (Celox), Samsung I559 (Galaxy Mini), Samsung I9128i (Galaxy Grand), Samsung G3508i (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung G7108 (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung W2013, Samsung G3502i (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung S5368 (Galaxy Y), Samsung I889 (Galaxy Note), Samsung G3556D (Galaxy Core 2), Samsung G3588V (Galaxy Core Lite 4G), Samsung G3586V (Galaxy Core Lite), Samsung S7898I (Galaxy Trend II), Samsung I8258, Samsung W999, Samsung S6352 (Galaxy Ace Duos), Samsung C101 (Galaxy S4 Zoom), Samsung G3502U (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung N7105t, Samsung S7500 (Galaxy Ace Plus), Samsung I9008 (Galaxy S), Samsung I8250, Samsung I9158 (Galaxy Mega 5.8), Samsung I8262 (Galaxy core), Samsung I9505g, Samsung I9228 (Galaxy Note), Samsung I9050, Samsung G3509 (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung I9118, Samsung N7100T, Samsung I9082I (Galaxy Grand Duos), Samsung G7106 (Galaxy Grand 2), Samsung G3818 (Galaxy Win Pro), Samsung Galaxy SIII (L710|Sprint), Samsung G3858 (Galaxy Beam 2), Samsung S6818 (Galaxy Fame), Samsung I699i (Galaxy Trend), Samsung P709 (Galaxy Mega 5.8), Samsung I9250(Verizon), Samsung I9250(sprint), Samsung T310 (Galaxy Tab3 8.0), Samsung T315 (Galaxy Tab3 8.0), Samsung T311 (Galaxy Tab3 8.0), Samsung Galaxy Tab2 10.1(WI-FI), Samsung P5100 (Galaxy Tab2 10.1|GSM), Samsung P3110 (Galaxy Tab2 7.0|WIFI), Samsung P3100 (Galaxy Tab2 7.0|GSM), Samsung I9198 (Galaxy S4 Mini), Samsung I9190 (Galaxy S4 Mini), Samsung G9009D (Galaxy S5), Samsung G900H (Galaxy S5), Samsung G900F (Galaxy S5), Samsung G9008V (Galaxy S5), Samsung I9200 (Galaxy Mega 6.3), Samsung E300K|S|L (Galaxy S4), Samsung G9006V (Galaxy S5), Samsung I569 (Galaxy Gio), Samsung N9008V|S (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung W899, Samsung S7568i, Samsung S7562C (Galaxy Trend Duos), Samsung I759 (Galaxy Infinite), Samsung I9128 (Galaxy Grand), Samsung S6812I (Galaxy Fame), Samsung I8552B, Samsung G3812 (Galaxy Win Pro), Samsung G3502 (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung N9005 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung N9008 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung I879 (Galaxy Grand), Samsung S5831i, Samsung I8558 (Galaxy Win), Samsung G3819D (Galaxy Win Pro), Samsung I9070, Samsung I9300T, Samsung I9192 (Galaxy S4 Mini), Samsung I939D (Galaxy SIII), Samsung I8262D (Galaxy Style Duos), Samsung I9208 (Galaxy Mega 6.3), Samsung I9508 (Galaxy S4), Samsung S7562I (Galaxy Trend Duos), Samsung S7580 (Galaxy Trend Plus), Samsung E250K|S|L (Galaxy Note II), Samsung N9009 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung I619 (Galaxy Ace Dear), Samsung I8268, Samsung G3508 (Galaxy Trend 3), Samsung I9152 (Galaxy Mega 5.8), Samsung I739 (Galaxy Trend II), Samsung N900 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung S7572 (Galaxy Trend Duos II), Samsung N9002 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung N9006 (Galaxy Note 3), Samsung i515 (Galaxy Nexus|Verizon), Samsung S7898, Samsung I9105P (Galaxy SII Plus), Samsung I9502 (Galaxy S4), Samsung I869 (Galaxy Win), Samsung I8552 (Galaxy Win), Samsung I9260 (Galaxy Premier), Samsung I779, Samsung N8000 (Galaxy Note 10.1), Samsung N719 (Galaxy Note II), Samsung N7102I (Galaxy Note II), Samsung I9305|N|T (Galaxy SIII), Samsung E120K (Galaxy SII HD LTE), Samsung E120S (Galaxy SII HD LTE), Samsung SC-03E (Galaxy SIII alpha), Samsung E210L|S|K (Galaxy SIII), Samsung N7105 (Galaxy Note II), Samsung I959 (Galaxy S4), Samsung I8190N (Galaxy SIII Mini), Samsung S7566, Samsung I9505 (Galaxy S4 LTE), Samsung D710 (Epic 4G Touch), Samsung I9082 (Galaxy Grand Duos), Samsung I9500 (Galaxy S4), Samsung S7568, Samsung I9128V (Galaxy Grand), Samsung I9108 (Galaxy SII), Samsung I8160 (Galaxy Ace 2), Samsung I829 (Galaxy Style Duos), Samsung E120L (Galaxy SII HD LTE), Samsung I9008l (Galaxy S), Samsung I699 (Galaxy Trend), Samsung I809 (Galaxy S), Samsung I5508, Samsung S7562 (Galaxy Trend Duos), Samsung N7102 (Galaxy Note II) , Samsung N7108(Galaxy Note II), Samsung I535 (Galaxy SIII|Verizon), Samsung I500 (Fascinate), Samsung I9268 (Galaxy Premier), Samsung N7100 (Galaxy Note II), Samsung I5801, Samsung I5800 (Galaxy 3) Samsung I9018 (Galaxy S), Samsung I997 (Infuse 4G), Samsung I777 (Singa), Samsung I9001 (Galaxy S Plus), Samsung I9100G (Galaxy SII), Samsung I939 (Galaxy SIII), Samsung S5830i, Samsung I8150 (Galaxy W), Samsung S6500D, Samsung S5360 (Galaxy Y), Samsung I9103 (Galaxy R), Samsung I509 (Galaxy Y), Samsung I9003 (Galaxy SL), Samsung S5660 (Galaxy Gio), Samsung S5670 (Galaxy Fit), Samsung I5700 (Spica), Samsung S5820, Samsung I909 (Galaxy S), Samsung I919 (Galaxy SII), Samsung I929 (Galaxy SII Duo), Samsung I9308 (Galaxy SIII), Samsung I9300 (Galaxy SIII), Samsung I9250 (Galaxy Nexus), Samsung S5570 (Galaxy Mini), Samsung I9220|N7000 (Galaxy Note), Samsung S5830 (Galaxy Ace), Samsung T959 (Fascinate 4G), Samsung I897 (Captivate), Samsung I9100 (Galaxy SII), Samsung I9000 (Galaxy S)
Huawei Huawei M2(WIFI), Huawei M2(LTE), Huawei Honor4A(sclal00), Huawei Honor4A(scltl00h), Huawei P8 Max(dav703l), Huawei Ascend G7 Plus, Huawei Mate S(crrcl00), Huawei Mate S(crrul00), Huawei Honor7i(athal00), Huawei Y635(TL00), Huawei Y635(CL00), Huawei Honor7(plkal10), Huawei Honor7(plkul00), Huawei Honor7(plkcl00), Huawei Honor7(plktl01h), Huawei P8(CL00), Huawei Honor 4X, Huawei Y320(C00), Huawei C8818, Huawei P8(UL00|TL00), Huawei P8, Huawei Honor 4C, Huawei Honor 4C(4G), Huawei Honor6 Plus(TL00M), Huawei Honor6(L03), Huawei P8(CL10|CL00), Huawei P8(UL10|UL00|4G), Huawei Ascend G7(TL00|4G), Huawei Honor 4(G620S), Huawei Honor 4(G621), Huawei Honor6 Plus(CL00), Huawei Honor6 Plus(TL20|UL00), Huawei Honor X2, Huawei C199S(3S|4G), Huawei GX1, Huawei Y330(C00), Huawei Honor6 Plus(TL10|4G), Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth2, Huawei MediaPad 7 Youth, Huawei MediaPad 10 Link+(WIFI), Huawei C8817L, Huawei G616, Huawei Y220S, Huawei C8817E, Huawei Honor 4X, Huawei T8100, Huawei Y300(0151|Cellular), Huawei Y535, Huawei C8820, Huawei U9500E(Ascend D1 XL), Huawei G620(L72|4G), Huawei C8550, Huawei Honor 4(C8817D), Huawei G716, Huawei Ascend Mate7(TL10), Huawei Ascend Mate7(TL00), Huawei Ascend Mate7(CL00), Huawei Honor3C00, Huawei Honor3Cu10, Huawei Honor3X Pro, Huawei Honor6(L11|L12), Huawei Ascend D2(4G), Huawei MediaPad M1(301W), Huawei MediaPad M1(301L), Huawei M310, Huawei Honor Cube, Huawei Honor(WIFI), Huawei Honor(3G), Huawei HonorX1(4G), Huawei C8655, Huawei Honor6(L01|L02), Huawei Ascend G7(UL20), Huawei Y210s, Huawei Honor3C, Huawei Ascend Mate7(UL00), Huawei Ascned G6, Huawei T8600, Huawei Y210, Huawei T8300, Huawei Mate, Huawei C199, Huawei Ascend P6 S, Huawei G730(L075|4G), Huawei Ascend P7(L09), Huawei G620(L75|4G), Huawei G730(U30), Huawei Mate2(4G), Huawei Mate2(4G), Huawei Honor3C(L02|4G), Huawei Honor3C(L01|4G), Huawei Y618, Huawei G521(4G), Huawei G660(L075G), Huawei G630, Huawei G600, Huawei Y600D, Huawei G610(U15), Huawei G510(0251), Huawei N795, Huawei G510(0200), Huawei Y320(U01), Huawei Ascend G6, Huawei Y325, Huawei G610(U20), Huawei C8816d, Huawei Y600, Huawei Y321, Huawei G700(U10), Huawei Y300(0010), Huawei Y516, Huawei G510(0100), Huawei Y220(T10), Huawei C8816, Huawei Y320(T00), Huawei Ascend P7(L07), Huawei Ascend P7(L00), Huawei Honor3X, Huawei B199, Huawei HonorX1td, Huawei HonorX1, Huawei Honor3C(2G), Huawei G606, Huawei T9510E, Huawei Y500T, Huawei Honor3C(2G), Huawei U8812D, Huawei G610(T11), Huawei Mate2, Huawei G730, Huawei G730(U00), Huawei G730, Huawei C8813E, Huawei Ascend P6, Huawei Honor3X, Huawei Honor3C(1G), Huawei Ascend D2, Huawei T8828, Huawei C8813DQ, Huawei Y511-T00, Huawei G610T(T00), Huawei Honor3, Huawei Y511-U00, Huawei Ascend P6, Huawei G520(T10), Huawei C8815, Huawei Ascend P6, Huawei G610C(C00), Huawei G610S(U00), Huawei G700, Huawei G520, Huawei U8951(G510), Huawei Ascend D2, Huawei A199(Ascend G710), Huawei U8660(Sonic), Huawei C8826D, Huawei C8813Q, Huawei T8620, Huawei Y310S, Huawei Y220T, Huawei U9510E, Huawei Y300(U8833), Huawei T8950(Honor+), Huawei T8830 (G309T), Huawei T8830 Pro(G309T Pro), Huawei Y310-5000, Huawei Y210C, Huawei G520 , Huawei G525, Huawei Mate, Huawei T8951(G510), Huawei C8813D, Huawei C8813, Huawei Y300C(C8833), Huawei Y300(T8833), Huawei C8812E, Huawei Ascend G330C(C8825D), Huawei U8950D(Honor+), Huawei C8950D(Honor+), Huawei U9000, Huawei U9508(Honor2), Huawei U8836D, Huawei C8650S, Huawei Ascend G330D(U8825D), Huawei T9200, Huawei U8661 (Sonic+), Huawei U8220, Huawei U8150 (Ideos), Huawei U8818, Huawei C8800, Huawei C8650E, Huawei S8600, Huawei C8810, Huawei C8600, Huawei Ascend D1(U9500), Huawei C8812, Huawei C8860E, Huawei Ascend P1(U9200), Huawei U8800+, Huawei U8650, Huawei C8500S, Huawei U8500, Huawei Honor (U8860|Honor), Huawei C8650, Huawei C8500, Huawei U8800
Oneplus Oneplus 2, Oneplus 1
Sony Sony Xperia TX(LT29i),Sony Xperia Neo V(MT11i),Sony Xperia Z(L36h|C6603),Sony Xperia Z(L36h|C6602),Sony E16i(W8),Sony Xperia P(LT22i),Sony Xperia Neo(MT15i),
Sony Xperia solo (MT27i), Sony Xperia S(LT26i), Sony WT19i, Sony Xperia SP(M35h),Sony Xperia Z1(L39t),
Sony Xperia M(C1905),Sony Xperia Z1 Mini,Sony Xperia L(S36h), Sony Xperia Z2(L50w|D6503),Sony Xperia C(S39h), Sony Xperia go(ST27i),Sony Xperia Z1(L39h),Sony Xperia SP(M35c), Sony Xperia T(LT30p),Sony C6806|C6833|C6843, Sony Xperia Z Ultra(XL39h),Sony Xperia L(C2104),Sony Xperia U(ST25a), Sony Xperia ZR(M36h),Sony Xperia S(LT27i),Sony Xperia active (ST17i),Sony Xperia ZL(L35h),Sony Xperia U(ST25i),
Sony Xperia SL(LT26ii),Sony Xperia acro S(LT26w),Sony Xperia V/C(LT25i/c),Sony Xperia ion(LT28h/i),Sony Xperia E4 Dual(E2115), Sony Xperia Z3+ Dual(E6533),Sony Xperia Z3(D6603),Sony Xperia Z4,Sony Xperia C3(S55u),Sony Xperia SP(M35t), Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet(WIFI),Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet(LTE),Sony Xperia M Dual(C2005),Sony X10 Mini(E10i), Sony Xperia Z2(L50u),Sony Xperia Z2(L50t),Sony Xperia Z3(L55U),Sony Xperia E3,
Sony Xperia Z3 Compact(M55W),Sony Xperia Play Z1i,Sony Xperia Z3(L55t),Sony Xperia T2 Ultra(XM50t),Sony Xperia T2 Ultra(XM50h), Sony Xperia Z1(L39u),Sony Xperia C3(S55t),Sony WT18i(Walkman),Sony Xperia Neo L(MT25i),
Sony Xperia ion(LT28at),Sony Xperia Arc(LT15i),Sony Xperia Arc(LT15i), Sony Xperia ray(ST18i),Sony Xperia ray(ST18i),Sony E15i(X8),Sony E15i(X8),Sony X10i,Sony X10i,Sony Xperia arc S(LT18i),Sony Xperia arc S(LT18i)
HTC HTC Desire D316d, HTC One E9, HTC One E9+, HTC One M9+, HTC Z710t, HTC Desire 610t, HTC desire 820ts, HTC desire 820t, HTC desire 820us, HTC One M9, HTC Desire 626T, HTC Desire 826W, HTC Desire Eye, HTC J(Z321E), HTC S610d, HTC E1(603e), HTC A9188, HTC Desire 820u, HTC One E8(M8Sd), HTC Desire X(T328e), HTC S715e, HTC One M8(verizon), HTC One M8d, HTC One M8w, HTC Tattoo (G4), HTC EVO 4G, HTC Wildfire (G8), HTC Wildfire S (G13), HTC Hero (G3), HTC Dream (G1), HTC Magic (G2), HTC Desire (G7), HTC DesireHD (G10), HTC T328t, HTC T328w, HTC One S(S3|S4), HTC Thunderbolt, HTC S720e(One X), HTC A310e, HTC Hero200, HTC EVO View 4G, HTC EVO 4G+, HTC Rhyme, HTC Raider 4G, HTC EVO 3D, HTC ChaCha (G16), HTC Salsa (G15), HTC Incredible, HTC Mytouch 4G, HTC Droid DNA, HTC T329w, HTC Desire 606W, HTC Butterfly S, HTC T329t, HTC One XL, HTC S720t(One XT), HTC T329D, HTC 802d , HTC 802t, HTC 802w, HTC Rezound(G30), HTC One (801e|M7), HTC X920e(Butterfly), HTC One SU(T528w), HTC One ST(T528t), HTC One SC(T528d), HTC S710d, HTC Amaze 4G(G22), HTC MyTouch 3G Slide, HTC Sensation XL(G21), HTC Z510d, HTC ONE V(T320e), HTC T328d, HTC Aria(G9), HTC Desire S(G12), HTC G5(Nexus One), HTC Legend (G6), HTC G14 G18|Sensation Sensation XE, HTC DesireZ, HTC Incredible S (G11), HTC One M8t, HTC Desire 816d, HTC Desire 816t, HTC One Max(Global), HTC One Max(8160), HTC One Max(8060), HTC One Max(8088), HTC One Max(809D), HTC One E8(M8Sw), HTC One E8(M8St), HTC Incredible 4G LTE, HTC T327w, HTC Desire C(A320e), HTC Desire 609d, HTC Desire 608t, HTC Butterfly(X920d), HTC J One, HTC One Mini(601e), HTC One X+(S728e), HTC One(verizon), HTC One(sprint), HTC Desire 816w, HTC One M8, HTC T327t
Xiaomi Xiaomi Note2, Xiaomi Note, Xiaomi 4i, Xiaomi 2A, Xiaomi Note (4G|dual sim), Xiaomi 4(4G), Xiaomi 2, Xiaomi Note (4G), Xiaomi Box2, Xiaomi Box1, Xiaomi 1S(4G), Xiaomi 3, Xiaomi Pad, Xiaomi 1S, Xiaomi HM1S, Xiaomi BOX 1S, Xiaomi hm201323, Xiaomi 3, Xiaomi HM1, Xiaomi 2, Xiaomi 2S, Xiaomi 2A, Xiaomi M1S, Xiaomi M1
MOTOROLA MOTO X Pro(XT1115), MOTO XT1079, MOTO X+1(XT1085), MOTO G(XT1032), MOTO E(2015), MOTO XT532, Moto Droid Turbo, MOTO ME632|MB632(Pro+), MOTO MT788, MOTO MT887(Razr V), MOTO XT889(Razr V) MOTO XT910 MAXX(Razr Maxx), MOTO XT553, MOTO MT680, MOTO XT320(Defy Mini), MOTO MB520(Bravo), MOTO G(4G), MOTO G, MOTO XT550, MOTO XT681, MOTO X+1, MOTO XT536(Defy XT), MOTO XT685, MOTO XT907(RAZR M)
Google Google Nexus 9(LTE), Google Nexus 7(LTE|2013), Google Nexus 9(Wi-Fi), Google Nexus 6, Google Android One, Google Nexus 7(4G|2012), Google Nexus 7(Wi-Fi|2013), Google Nexus 10, Google Nexus 5, Google Nexus 4, Google Nexus 7(GSM|2012), Google Nexus 7(Wi-Fi|2012), Google Nexus S(I9020|I9023)
OPPO OPPO A31u, OPPO A51, OPPO A11, OPPO N1 Mini(N5110), OPPO R7 Plus, OPPO A31u, OPPO A51, OPPO A11, OPPO N1 Mini(N5110), OPPO R7(4G), OPPO U3 (6607), OPPO 3005, OPPO 3000, OPPO R1C (R8207), OPPO R1C (R8205), OPPO R5 (R8109), OPPO 3007, OPPO R7, OPPO A31c, OPPO A31t, OPPO R1C (R8200|4G), OPPO R821, OPPO R820, OPPO R850, OPPO R830, OPPO 1105(4G), OPPO N3(N5207|N5209), OPPO R5 (R8107 4G), OPPO R3(R7005), OPPO R803, OPPO R2010, OPPO R2017, OPPO R831S, OPPO N1 Mini(N5117), OPPO R6007, OPPO R3(R7007), OPPO R1s(R8000), OPPO R1s(R8007), OPPO T703, OPPO X903(Find), OPPO U705W(Ulike2), OPPO R805, OPPO R819, OPPO R801, OPPO 1107, OPPO 1100, OPPO U701, OPPO R813t, OPPO R833t, OPPO R827t, OPPO R815w, OPPO R809T, OPPO Find 7(X9077), OPPO R831T, OPPO R815T, OPPO N1, OPPO R1|R829T, OPPO Find 7(X9007), OPPO R811, OPPO R821t, OPPO R817, OPPO N1, OPPO R819T, OPPO U707T(Ulike2S), OPPO Find 5(X909T), OPPO R823T, OPPO T29, OPPO U705T(Ulike2), OPPO R807, OPPO X905(Find 3), OPPO Find 5(X909), OPPO X907(Finder)
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ZenFone ZenFone 2, ZenFone X003, ZenFone X002, ZenFone 6(2G), ZenFone 6(1G), ZenFone 5(2G), ZenFone 5(1G)
vivo vivo X5Max+, vivo Y627|Y927|Y27L, vivo X5Max V, vivo Y22il, vivo Y29l, vivo X5 Pro, vivo Y28l, vivo Y17W, vivo X5S, vivo Y27, vivo Y13l, vivo Y23l, vivo Y11iT, vivo Y22, vivo X5Max, vivo S6t, vivo X3S, vivo S6, vivo V2, vivo E3, vivo S12, vivo X5L, vivo X1S, vivo S3+
Gionee Gionee Elife E8(GN9008), Gionee M5, Gionee M3, Gionee F303, Gionee F301, Gionee F103, Gionee Elife S7(GN9006), Gionee V188, Gionee V188S, Gionee GN150, Gionee GN715, Gionee GN709L, Gionee GN706L, Gionee E6T Gionee GN136T, Gionee Elife S5.5L(GN9000L), Gionee C620, Gionee GN160T, Gionee C610, Gionee T1, Gionee GN868, Gionee GN103, Gionee GN168T, Gionee W800
Meizu Meizu M2, Meizu M1 Note, Meizu MX5, M1 Note 2, M1 Note W, M1, M1 Note T, Meizu MX4 Pro T, Meizu MX4 Pro W, Meizu MX4(YunOS), M1 Note, Meizu MX4 Pro, Meizu MX4ty, Meizu MX4t, Meizu MX4, Meizu MX3, Meizu MX2, Meizu MX, Meizu M9
Alcatel Alcatel OT-6030D, Alcatel OT986 (AK47)
ZOPO ZOPO 2, ZOPO C3, ZOPO 800H, ZOPO 950H, ZOPO C2, ZOPO ZP500+, ZOPO ZP300+, ZOPO ZP900 (Leader), ZOPO ZP100 (Pilot)
THL ThL W7, ThL T100S, ThL W5, ThL T100, ThL W11, ThL T3, ThL W3, ThL W2, ThL W1, ThL W8, ThL V9, ThL V7, ThL V11, ThL V8
UMI UMI iRon, UMI eMax, UMI Hammer, UMI Zero, UMI C1, UMI X2, UMI X1
LETV LETV Max (dual 4G), LETV 1 Pro (dual 4G), LETV 1 (dual 4G)
QingCheng QingCheng M2S, QingCheng NX, QingCheng N1-Y, QingCheng N1-T, QingCheng N1, QingCheng M3, QingCheng M2, QingCheng M1
Philips Philips W632, Philips I966, Philips S388, Philips S399, Philips T3566, Philips W6618, Philips W832, Philips W626
Pantech Pantech A900, Pantech A910, Pantech A890, Pantech A870S|K|L, Pantech A880S, Pantech A770K|A760S, Pantech A810s, Pantech A850S/K/L, Pantech A830S/K/L, Pantech A860S/K/L, Pantech A840S, Pantech A820L, Pantech A800S
Nubia Nubia My Prague, Nubia Z9, Nubia Z9 Mini, Nubia Z9 Max, Nubia Z7 Max, Nubia Z7 Mini, Nubia Z7, Nubia X6, Nubia Z5S, Nubia Z5S MINI, Nubia Z5 mini, Nubia Z5
Lingwin lingwin U820s, lingwin U980, lingwin K5, lingwin K7, lingwin K6, lingwin U910, lingwin U820A
LG LG G3(VS985|Verizon), LG VS920(Spectrum), LG L Prime, LG G2 Lite(D295), LG G3(D856|Dual-LTE), LG P350(Optimus Me), LG C550(Optimus Chat), LG G3(F400K/S/L), LG G3(LS990|Sprint), LG G2(F320K/S/L), LG G2(VS980|Verizon), LG P940(Prada 3.0), LG G3(D859), LG G3(D858), LG G2(D805), LG P765(Optimus L9), LG P993(Optimus 2X), LG G2(L22), LG D958(G Flex), LG Optimus G Pro 2, LG G Vista, LG G3(D855), LG G Watch, LG G-Pad
AMOi AMOi A920T, AMOi A920T, AMOi N818, AMOi N89, AMOi A900T|A900W, AMOi A918t, AMOi A928w, AMOi A862w, AMOi N700, AMOi N890, AMOi A920W, AMOi N850, AMOi A860w, AMOi N816, AMOi N828, AMOi N821, AMOi N820
Hisense Hisense U978, Hisense T912, Hisense T9, Hisense U970, Hisense E968, Hisense T830, Hisense EG958, Hisense EG901, Hisense T958, Hisense E912S, Hisense E956Q, Hisense T930, Hisense T959, Hisense T818, Hisense T929, Hisense E926, Hisense E820, Hisense EG939, Hisense EG929, Hisense T950, Hisense T928, Hisense X8t, Hisense EG970, Hisense X6C
Jiayu Jiayu G4S, Jiayu F2, Jiayu S3, Jiayu G6, Jiayu F1, Jiayu G4C, Jiayu G2F, Jiayu G5, Jiayu G2H, Jiayu G4, Jiayu G2S, Jiayu G3, Jiayu G1, Jiayu G2, Jiayu G2L
K-Touch K-Touch Touch 3C, K-Touch E8, K-Touch Touch 1S, K-Touch W70, K-Touch E88, K-Touch M6, K-Touch C980t, K-Touch U9, K-Touch Kis 1, K-Touch T93, K-Touch T96, K-Touch T91, K-Touch W710, K-Touch E650, K-Touch W616, K-Touch C960t, K-Touch T760, K-Touch W95, K-Touch Nibiru M1, K-Touch Nibiru H1C, K-Touch C660t, K-Touch W98, K-Touch Touch V, K-Touch Touch 2
eton eton P305, eton P301 eton I95, eton P11, eton I7, eton P2, eton T710, eton P5, eton T900, eton T730D, eton D520, eton T820, eton P3, eton P1, eton T890, eton I6, eton I5, eton T910, eton T730
TCL TCL P588L, TCL P618L, TCL 3S(M3G), TCL P502U, TCL P728M, TCL 3N(M2M), TCL H900M, TCL S520, TCL J210, TCL S600, TCL J320T, TCL W939, TCL S820, TCL S838M, TCL S725T, TCL S830U, TCL P688L, TCL P306C, TCL J730U, TCL S720, TCL S960(idol X+), TCL S720t, TCL S960T(idol X+), TCL Y910T(Hero N3)
Other devices Apanda A60, GLX l100duo, GLX L100, GALAZ S6, GalaPad7, AUX V960, AUX V926, AUX W6, AUX V950, AUX V980, AUX V920/V920P, Goophone I9, Goophone S4 Mega, CHERR A50, CMCC M812C, CMCC M811, CMCC M701, CMCC M601, Deovo V5, dakele MC003, dakele dkl01, dakele MC002, dakele MC001, doov I1314, dooviSuper S3, doov T90, doov D500, doov D8, doov D360, doov iSuper S2, doov iSuper S1, doov iEva D7, ET T45E, HOOW G2, HOOW A5, haier I700, haier I710, haier I860, haier w910, haier i617, innos D10C, innos i6, innos i6c, innos D9, innos D9 (D9C), IUNI U3, IUNI U2, InFocus M2, InFocus M810, InFocus M512, InFocus M320, InFocus M310, FLY IQ446,
HIKe PANDORA QI, Konka V913, Konka V927, Konka V980, Konka v983, Konka W960, Konka W990, Konka V926, Konka E900, lingwin U820s, lingwin U980, lingwin K5, lingwin K7, lingwin K6, lingwin U910, lingwin U820A, MOGU M5n, MOGU M2, MOGU M1, Micromax A116, Micromax Canvas 4, NEO M1, NEO N003, NEO N01, NEO N002, No.1 S5, ONDA V973(v2), ONDA V973(v1), QingCheng M2S, QingCheng NX, QingCheng N1-Y, QingCheng N1-T, QingCheng N1, QingCheng M3, QingCheng M2, QingCheng M1, Sanmeng TV808, UMI iRon, UMI eMax, UMI Hammer, UMI Zero, UMI C1, UMI X2, UMI X1, uniscope US910, uniscope XC2s, uniscope U1203, Utime U6, Utime X1, VIDO N70(3G), VIDO N90, VIDO N80, VOTO X2, Xolo Q1000
Koobee Koobee Max2(X9), Koobee M3, Koobee M2, Koobee M1, Koobee S2, Koobee S1, Koobee I50, Koobee A660, Koobee A209, Koobee A690, Koobee N60, Koobee MAX3, Koobee I90, Koobee 小S(S306), T500s, T550, Koobee H1, T500, KS306, A790T, MAX(X7), i96T

iRoot Android tool – ROOT your Android Device in one click

Before you begin, it is important to have all the tools at hand. you will need:

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